Yogini, musician, author and activist, Parvati is the Founder and CEO of, and the visionary for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.  

A longtime yoga teacher, she is also the founder of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, a gentle yet deeply powerful form of yoga that blends chi-energy work with yoga poses and supports people feeling interconnected with the Earth.

Parvati Foundation, How MAPS began
Parvati Foundation, How MAPS Began
MAPS began, quite literally, with a dream. During an unusually hot summer in Toronto, Parvati kept having a recurring dream of lying on ice, while a great blue whale swam below. So she cancelled a planned musical tour of Asia. Three weeks later, she was in a remote village in the High Arctic on her way to the North Pole.

There, two Inuit elders said to Parvati, “You are the one who has come to do healing for the planet. We knew you were coming – the whale told us.”

In that moment, Parvati knew that she was part of something vast and purposeful beyond her understanding. We are all interconnected. Nature’s intelligence works through us, if we are willing to listen.

Once back in Toronto, she founded with the mission to immediately protect our planet’s air conditioner: the Arctic Ocean. is an all-volunteer international non-profit organization dedicated to a healthy planet. We are committed to the immediate realization of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) to protect all life. Our long-term vision is to create a Global Peace Sanctuary, to address poverty and hunger around the world.

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