Yoga students unite for MAPS


In every moment, yoga helps me feel more alive and connected.

“Being at one with all things” may sound like a mystical or aspirational. But through yoga, I have found it to be a tangible, physical reality.

This sense of interconnection inspired me on a journey that changed my life forever and ultimately led to the creation of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

Each one of us can be part of the solution to today’s global ecological and humanitarian crisis. As we cultivate cool minds and compassionate hearts through the practice of yoga, we support the cooling of the planet and the healing of all life.

By supporting MAPS, you practice karma yoga, the yoga of action. You bring the loving presence you have found on your mat into the world, and serve the highest good of all.

The form below gives you access to a yogi’s action kit for MAPS. You’ll also receive regular updates and inspiration to share with your friends.

Please join us. It means the world.

From my heart to yours,


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