Yoga teachers unite for MAPS


Thank you for serving your community and for helping people find peace, joy and meaning in their lives.

I find teaching yoga to be an ongoing privilege and humbling experience. I am always learning.

As yogis and stewards of the Earth, we are called to live in harmony with ourselves, others and our planet. As we choose the light of our nature and support others doing the same, we light up the world.

YOGIS UNITE is your invitation to join a growing global movement to protect all life through MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

I am so inspired by MAPS that I have given my life’s work to it. It is such a magnificent embodiment of the purpose of yoga. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will be a part of this too.

The form below gives you access to a kit to support inner and outer peace with MAPS. You’ll also receive regular updates and inspiration to share with your students.

Please join us. It means the world.



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